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Meet Nana of Southern HodgepodgeAbout Nana: Our Nana and her family have always been artistic folks. Her given name is Lucia, and she was awarded a wonderful art scholarship from the Rockefeller Foundation in her sophomore year in college. But, love intervened, and she married, had babies and left the scholarship behind. For years she and one of her sisters painted murals in schools and for the children’s ward in our local hospital. She started taking pastel lessons herself in 2009, becoming a master artist in what she calls “her art.” She is on a mission to show individuals of all ages just how satisfying, cost effective and easy pastel painting is to accomplish.

Nana and the children

Children are innately artists by themselves, and if given the opportunity and the delight of wielding a paintbrush, a child will create a masterpiece all their own.  There are NO rules but one:  Praise, praise, praise! ~ Nana

Steve and Tricia Hodges homeschool their family of five children ranging in age from preschool to high school. Nana began teaching the children the joy of art with chalk pastels back in February of 2010 – on an afternoon she was snowed in at their house. Inches of snow were piled up outside. But inside, they created puffy clouds, an ocean view and a path to that beach…

A path to the beach 2010Since then they have been sharing those times with you online in tutorials. Now they offer the majority of Nana’s chalk pastel tutorials in ebook form. The ease of teaching and enjoying at any age.

Hodgepodge Family

Photo credit Jamie Worley Photography

All those little hands you see in the tutorial photos belong to the five Hodges children, proving that all ages can enjoy chalk pastels. We are so very grateful that the Lord gave Nana such a talent and that she devotes time to teaching us all.

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