sscp3dcovertransA Simple Start in Chalk Pastels ebook bundle 

Inexpensive Art Curriculum for All Ages

Teach the joy of art to all grades and ages using this one book with enough lessons for an entire school year!  There is no lengthy supply list.  Simply add chalk pastels and paper and start your art classes today!

Illustrated Step-by-step instructions

Illustrations in each lesson appeal a variety of skill levels. Nana walks you through the steps of creating beautiful artwork.  She also provides tips on colors and challenges older or more experienced artists by introducing chalk techniques. You will feel like you are an artist regardless of your age!

“Your art instructions and books are my favorite! We really feel like artists when we’re finished!” Michelle Franklin, mother of four

A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels on the iPad mini 2Easy Art Lessons with Beautiful Results

Chalk is familiar – something that we all enjoyed as a child – drawing on the driveway or the chalkboard. Chalk pastels are a forgiving medium and produce stunning pictures in a short amount of time. Most lessons can be completed in 5-15 minutes.

“My children love art.  As a busy homeschooling mom, I appreciate art lessons that are easy to implement AND produce stunning projects. Chalk pastels are the perfect medium to accomplish both goals!  Tricia and Lucia have done a splendid job sharing simple, step-by-step directions for oodles of chalk pastel lessons which will result in amazing artwork – even for those who don’t believe they are artistically talented.  (Believe me.)” ~ Cindy West, Owner, Shining Dawn Books and author of NaturExplorers series

Try the video art tutorial below and see for yourself!

How to Draw a Beach: Video Demonstration of How Quick, Fun and Successful Chalk Pastels Are!

Appropriate for All Ages

Gather all ages around using this one resource. A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels will have you creating beautiful pastel pictures in no time.

It has created a love of art for my child! He has enjoyed this curriculum so much that he asks to do it every day! ~ Laurie at Grace Filled Moments

What’s included in the bundle?

  • A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels ebook, 100 pages of lessons and tips
  • 45 tutorials in all — one lesson a week for an entire school year
  • Bluebird video pastel lesson — Nana shows you how to draw the bluebird
  • Sky Vista video pastel lesson — Nana walks you through a scenic vista

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What else do I need to get started? 1, 2, 3

  • A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels ebook
  • Chalk pastels — available from any art store
  • Paper — even copy or computer paper will get you started

100 pages, ebook

A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels ebook bundle
A full school year of chalk pastel art lessons taught by Lucia Hames, "Nana" to the Hodgepodge family. Nana walks your family through each lesson, with easy to follow instructions. Includes bonus video pastel tutorials.

Art for All Ages ebook package
The complete set of Chalk Pastel tutorial ebooks! Contains A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels, Chalk Pastels Through the Seasons, A Seasonal Start in Fall Chalk Pastels, A Simple Start in Christmas Chalk Pastels, A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels, and Chalk Pastels: Art at the Beach.