Tired of the drive thru lane? At Hodgepodge we’re sharing the how-tos of finding the road home. It’s a mixture of the practical: Helpful homeschool habits for balancing an age range. Adding in the joy of art. Saving bucks and your sanity with frugal recipes and allergy-friendly strategies. Being purposeful in parenting.


Steve and Tricia are co-owners of The Curriculum Choice, a site offering reviews of homeschool curriculum and products. The review team is made up of homeschool veterans sharing reviews of the curricula they love and use in their own homes. Curriculum Decisions Made Simple.


We also head up Habits for a Happy Home, a group blog of helpful habits “to keep us on the road toward the kind of home that pleases the Lord.”

These three sites are rolled together under Southern Hodgepodge. So, we hope you feel welcome and find what you might need at any of our trio of sites. Please, settle in and make yourself at home.

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