AABchalks2-tricia-375Simply Fun Start in Art – Review by Amanda Bennett, Unit Studies. “Every now and then, I come across a learning tool that catches my attention and takes my breath away. A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels is one of those, and it is a great way to bring art to the table when using our unit studies—a perfect and oh-so-easy fit to so many of our titles…I’m not particularly artistic or craft-oriented, and I always look for easy crafts and projects that will help kids of all ages learn more about the topic at hand AND enjoy using their creativity in the process. This book does all of that and much more, allowing imagination and ideas to come into play. And that’s GREAT!”

E-Book Review of A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels by Dawn Winters, Guiding Light Homeschool “This is a 100 page ebook covering some basics of art and pastels but mostly it has MANY projects you can do covering: landscapes, weather, food, trees, birds, flowers & butterflies and seasonal things. Each “project” has pictures to help guide, a supply list, tips and step by step instructions.”

A-Simple-Start-in-Chalk-Pastels-Review-Review: A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels by Cindy West at Our Journey Westward. “Each e-book tutorial begins with a photo of the finished project, followed by a short list of supplies and some quick tips for success.  Step-by-step directions and photographs take you through each project from start to finish.  Directions are clear, concise and friendly.  It’s almost like Tricia or Lucia is standing right over your shoulder encouraging you the whole way through! It’s so wonderful to feel like an artist when looking at the end result!”

A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels: A Review by Carey Jane Clark. “These tutorials have been a real answer to our family for art time. While we’ve found other instructional resources we use as well, this one just gets us down and dirty DOING art…Though my kids sometimes struggle with perfectionistic tendencies (I can’t imagine where that comes from!), they have learned that chalk pastels are a forgiving medium, and they can make mistakes, get messy and come up with their own individual expression of an art piece. Just take a look at what our children have been able to produce with the simple instructions from these tutorials, and you’ll understand my enthusiasm…”

A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels Review by Britni at Life in Bloom “that is THE COOLEST book I have ever seen…let’s get the chalk and do it now – so we did! Each chapter tells what supplies you need, then it breaks down the assignment for you step by step! There are a number of different pictures showing technique & progress!”

A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels Art Curriculum Review by Heather at The Curriculum Choice. “Pulling out the chalks always brings a measure of peace to our day and A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels makes it even easier to implement.”

Having Fun with Homeschool Art by Laurie at Grace Filled Moments “It has created a love of art for my child! He has enjoyed this curriculum so much that he asks to do it every day!”

HomeschoolArt-1024x620Think You Can’t Homeschool Art? Think Again! Review of A Seasonal Start in Chalk Pastels: Art for All Ages by Angela at Homeschool Innovation “…this has propelled us into our fall term with fresh enthusiasm!

  • My kids are excited to do Art again

  • They have a new found confidence in their abilities

  • They are going beyond the tutorials and creating on their own

  • They are smiling as they work!

Adding Art Easily with Chalk Pastels by Cindy at Our Journey Westward “My child an artist? Yes, and quite easily!”

Raising Lifelong LearnersA Family-Friendly Homeschool Art Curriculum by Colleen Kessler at Raising Life-Long Learners “All of the kids have asked to bring the chalk pastels out every day since…and when he asked me on a Saturday morning if he could use the iPad to pull up some of Nana’s tutorials, I was thrilled. He got so into the artwork that he invited his friend, Obi Wan, to join him, and then created mini versions of his artwork to make it look like his action figure painted with the pastels, too.” ~ Colleen Kessler at Raising Lifelong Learners