A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels Winter Olympics www.southernhodgepodge.com

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Celebrate the Olympics with art! A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels: Winter Olympics is available now for beginning or continuing art lessons in the chalk pastel medium.

What’s included in this art curriculum?

Encouragement for getting started with chalk pastels, a simple supply list and…


NEW Tutorials!

  • Olympic torch
  • bobsled
  • downhill skier
  • Olympic skate
  • hockey stick and puck
  • Olympic mountain scene
  • Olympic medals

How to Draw an Olympic Torch: Video Demonstration of How Quick, Fun and Successful Chalk Pastels Are!

Simple Art Supplies

No lengthy, expensive supply list! Just add:

(1) chalk pastels

(2) paper

A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels Winter Olympics www.southernhodgepodge.com

How Can You Use These Olympic Art for All Ages Tutorials?

  • Celebrate the Olympics with art! Supplement your Olympics unit study.
  • Get started in chalk pastel art with these tutorials to show you what a joy it is!
  • Gather all your children. No prior skill level necessary – yet tutorials are challenging enough for older students.
  • Create a spark of interest in your students!
  • Try a new medium – chalk pastels!
  • Grow a love of art with tutorials that are successful in a short amount of time

What Others Are Saying

“What a wonderful way to start learning about the Winter Olympic Games! You HAVE to watch the videos that go along with these activities – easy to follow directions as well as support for our individual abilities and creativity. This program deserves a Gold Medal in my book!” ~Susan Williams, Education Possible

One thing that I really love about these tutorials is that they are short and sweet. I love that we can finish one in less than 30 minutes…a few of them, even less than that. And because they lead to such success, the kids ask to do MORE! There aren’t many times in our school day that my kids ask for more of anything, so I count that as a huge success! ~ Candace Crabtree, His Mercy is New
These tutorials are easy enough for beginners but will allow for lots of creative fun for even your older children. I love the simplicity of each tutorial that gives you just enough instruction to get the project done but also leaves room for adding your own personal touches. I love the way Nana teaches in such a gentle way, reassuring artists that there are no mistakes as you go along. ~ Barb McCoy, Harmony Fine Arts

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A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels-Winter Olympics35 pages, ebook

A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels: Winter Olympics ebook
New! Start the Olympic sporting season right with Chalk Pastel art! The seven chalk pastel art lessons in this ebook will have you cheering for your country in no time.

Art for All Ages ebook package
This great set of tutorial books contains A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels, Chalk Pastels Through the Seasons, A Seasonal Start in Fall Chalk Pastels, A Simple Start in Christmas Chalk Pastels, A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels, and Chalk Pastels: Art at the Beach.