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Celebrate spring with art! A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels is now available for beginning or continuing art lessons in the chalk pastel medium.


A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels

What’s included in this art curriculum?

Teach the joy of art to all grades and ages using this one book. Encouragement for getting started with chalk pastels, a simple supply list and…

A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels

NEW Tutorials!

  • Rain
  • Shamrock
  • Rainbow
  • Swing
  • Jonquil in a glass of water
  • Spring tree
  • Spring tree (bonus acrylic tutorial!)
  • Quilt on a clothesline

Classic Tutorials!

  • Bird’s nest (try the FREE video tutorial below)
  • Three little chicks
  • Dogwood (as seen in Hodgepodge nature study)

How to Draw a Bird’s Nest: Video Demonstration of How Quick, Fun and Successful Chalk Pastels Are!

Simple Art Supplies

No lengthy, expensive supply list! Just add:

(1) chalk pastels

(2) paper

How Can You Use These Spring Art for All Ages Tutorials?

  • Celebrate the changing of the seasons with art!
  • Get started in chalk pastel art with these tutorials to show you what a joy it is!
  • Gather all your children. No prior skill level necessary – yet tutorials are challenging enough for older students.
  • Create a spark of interest in your students!
  • Try a new medium – chalk pastels!
  • Grow a love of art with tutorials that are successful in a short amount of time.

Sample Page

A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels Sample

“I have wanted to find ways to incorporate art instruction into our homeschool, but I’ve had a hard time figuring that out!  I purchased A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels from Hodgepodge.  It was such an easy solution!  My kids thought their pieces were MASTERpieces!  I think that is what I liked most about this activity… we followed the instructions and got great results!  Pastels are such an easy medium and this gave my kids the confidence and desire to do it again!” ~ Shannon at I Have No Greater Joy

“Easy enough for your smallest one that is able to hold a piece of chalk, challenging enough for high schoolers and adults. No need for expensive supplies – head to your local mart or craft store and get the chalk that fits your budget… Go- This. Will. Bless. Your. Family. I Promise! Nana and Tricia do all the work, you just gather your little ones.” ~ Angie at Petra School

“I cannot express to you how much my daughter enjoys chalk pastels. I’m so grateful that you wrote all these books. It gives her a mental and artistic release.” ~ Michelle, The Holistic Homeschooler

Now you can have a Master Artist teach all your ages! Just add chalk pastels and paper!

What do I need to get started? 1, 2, 3

  • ebook
  • Chalk pastels — available from any art store or by clicking the red shopping cart in the sidebar
  • Paper — even copy or computer paper will get you started

40 pages, ebook

A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels
Grow a love of art this Spring! A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels is now available beginning or continuing art lessons.

Art for All Ages ebook package
This great set of tutorial books contains A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels, Chalk Pastels Through the Seasons, A Seasonal Start in Fall Chalk Pastels, A Simple Start in Christmas Chalk Pastels, A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels, and Chalk Pastels: Art at the Beach.